Boxing Day Sales

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Over Christmas I went back to my old job at Next to help out over the sale. To me this seemed like a bonus, a few extra hundred pounds to go back to uni with. Ideal. I seemed to have forgotten how chaotic Next sales are. Sad face. Sale prep on Christmas Eve was just a bunch of sweaty people running round aimlessly trying to get out before 7pm so they could go and enjoy Christmas Eve and not be stuck at work. But Boxing Day was worse. My alarm went off at 5am and I literally felt like I had only slept for an hour. I dragged myself out of bed and begrudgingly put on my lime green Next sale t-shirt, which for the record is a hideous colour on any skin tone.

The rest of the morning consisted of swarms of people spilling through the doors as if iPads were being given out for free. Now really, if you wanted that pair of jeans so badly why didn't you buy them for full price. I had to stand there and watch people gather in corners and spend twenty minutes going through five plastic bags of clothes they collected from the rails dividing them into a yes and no pile - that's what returns are for!

People are like animals when it comes to Next sales, they push in, they argue over who saw the jacket first and generally just squabble like children in a playground. You know what the worst thing is though? Well let me set the scene for you, there's one side of the floor which is decorated with sale banners where all the sale clothes have swing tickets on stating their original price and sale price. On the other half of the floor is the non-sale side free from sale banners and also free from sale swing tickets. It is inevitable that at least a dozen people will pick up something from the non-sale side and ask you how much it is. To say it is annoying is an understatement.

Of course this is a stereotype, there are some people who come in calmly, purchase their sale items and leave again, and I like them people. But the rest of them sure don't make the Boxing Day shift easy. Despite my rants and my moaning, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll return next year to do it all over again. It must be the lime green t-shirt. Not.

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