Sincere Apologies

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

With regret, you are fired.

The infamous words spoken from Lord Alan Sugar's mouth. If I was paid to blog, then I can safely say I would have been the fired candidate. After nearly two whole months of not blogging, I want to slap myself on the wrist and voluntarily sit on the naughty step. I can only blame, yes blame, it on the fact that I am now a fully fledged student who has gone on too many nights out, had too many lay ins, and suffered too many batches of freshers flu.

BUT, I can assure you that I am back on the path to being an avid blogger. I obviously needed to settle in and find my feet, and I now feel comfortable in my own Nottingham bound skin to rekindle my love for my blog. The first two months here in Notts has been an unexplainable, excuse the cliche, whirlwind of emotions and fun.

From dressing up as geek, attempting to play outside in less than 1cm of snow in my onesie at 5am, and egging my own kitchen with my flatmates, I can honestly say that it's been a barrel of laughs. Oh, and hard work. Deadlines are slowly creeping into my life as patch stories and essays are taking over. You'll be pleased to know that I am knuckling down now, but the fun times were oh so very fun.

I have a lot to fill you in on, so of course I'll be posting pictures and telling you stories, but after that, I will blog about some relatively normal day to day stuff. You know, uni life, general chat and of course I'll be posting some of my journalism work.

Before I go, did I mention nocturnal bedtime's and my messed up body clock as well? No? Well it's twenty to one as I post this, so I'm going to be a good student and head to bed before my lecture tomorrow.


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