Look After The Pennies And The Pounds Will Look After Themselves

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Now this is something I have never quite managed to get my head around. If I have money in my bank account for whatever reason, whether I work 40 hours a week, or my parents put money in my bank account on a monthly basis, that is my money. I cannot comprehend how ATM machines can charge you for taking your own money, out of your own bank account.

Luckily, we are currently in an age where we have about 5 of the same shops in the same high street. I mean Nottingham loves a Gregg's between every other shop, but they also love a cash machine which are also handily dotted around the majority of towns and cities. That's great, I can grab £20 out of my account on my way to uni or wherever I may be heading.

But hypothetically speaking, what if I'm in Costa or at a petrol station and am faced with an independent ATM employer who wants to charge me £1.95 to withdraw some money. As if we as a nation don't pay enough in taxes, national insurance and VAT, this is yet another unnecessary expenditure which could quite easily get me a meal deal.

We are in the 21st century, and if I can use my iPhone as my clubcard in Tesco's, then I certainly do not expect to be charged for cash withdrawals. I am very much a debit card person - spending money on a piece of plastic is much more therapeutic than breaking into a twenty. So for the time being, I will avoid any shop that doesn't take card without a minimum £3 spend, need to keep thinking about my meal deals.

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