Plastic Fantastic

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I don't want to fight aging. Don't get me wrong, I want to take good care of myself and retain my youth as much as possible. But I don't know if I would, or could, ever turn to plastic surgery.

The majority of society are too hung up on conforming to expectations of being perfect, whatever 'perfect' is. People have gone from using cosmetics, skincare products and health regimes to maintain and enhance their beauty to completely disregarding human nature and what we were given, by surgically sculpting and amending the smallest of imperfections.

It's a given that there are people who are genuinely unhappy with certain parts of their body, and some who undergo plastic surgery due to underlying medical conditions. I'm not going to bore you with endless facts and figures, but it's clear that as medical research is developing and the tools are becoming available to change even more aspects of our appearance, society is grabbing them with both hands.

I know assumptions can be dangerous, but in this case I would assume that the most common major surgical operation is breast enhancement, there's more double D's knocking about every time I take to the streets. I'd also guess that the common smaller surgical cosmetic treatment is botox which defies nature to the most extreme level. It's becoming an increasing trend within the celebrity word and transferring over into the real world.

Are we becoming that obsessed and brainwashed that we can't make the most of and concentrate on what we have got, rather than worrying and obsessing over what we haven't got. There are people in far worse conditions that those who have a slight bump in their nose or who want to increase their B cup to a D cup.

I don't frown upon plastic surgery in all circumstances. I think that reconstructive cosmetic surgery is incredible and if anybody reading wants to know why I have such a strong view on this, then I would suggest reading Katie Piper's first autobiography. The transition in her life after suffering an acid attack was only achieved by expert surgeons and in situations like these, we should be thankful for the quality of specialists in our country who make transformations like these possible.

The point I am merely trying to making it that plastic surgery, for want of a better word, can become 'silly' and can easily turn into an obsession. Who am I to question what the nation are spending, or wasting their money on, I guess I can't give a definitive answer as to whether I'd ever have plastic surgery, until I was in that situation.

What I do know though, is that I don't think I could justify spending money on cosmetic surgery that could be put towards something more useful or rewarding. I don't know about you but I'd much rather a luxurious get-away to the Caribbean than more pert boobs, that's what wonder bra's are for!

Maybe if I was filthy rich then I would have a differing opinion on this. If I had double digits in my bank account every month maybe I would treat myself to a nip and tuck here and then. Until then, I remain bias.

Rant over.

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