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Friday, 10 August 2012

The whole summer, I haven't been able to escape the dreaded thought of results. By results, for those of you who don't know, I mean A-Level results, which I just spent 2 years of my life studying for. It's incredibly scary that 24 months of lessons, revision, notes and cramming comes down to a 2 hour exam, which in theory is just a memory test of how much information one can store in their brain. I don't believe that exams are a true reflection of intelligence, in fact, I believe life experiences, skills, integrity and common sense are much more valuable attributes. However, A-Levels shouldn't be disregarded as thousands of students are devoted to achieving brilliant A-levels results, as they act as a stepping stone into the next chapter of your life. For me, this is University.

Nottingham Trent University - BA Print Journalism. This is what I hope to study in October, and it terrifies me that my results are currently sitting in an envelope. It's ironic that it's my future that these results depend on, yet somebody else knows the outcome before I do. Frustrating doesn't cover it. Summer has been a blur of rainy days, holidays and duvet days, yet I can guarantee that this last week is going to drag like hell. As bad as it may sound, as long as I get into Nottingham Trent, I'm not as bothered about my actual grades, because I'll be in a lively, vibrant city at my chosen university, studying something I have a huge interest and passion for.

There are so many aspects to University and I am genuinely looking forward to the independence and the excitement that University life and getting a degree will bring me. Although I will miss my friends, my family and my home comforts, I think it will be more than beneficial for me to take one step further into the big wide world and start a new adventure, in which I will strive to achieve something great. If I get there. I mean, I suppose that in a way I am quietly confident because of the amount of effort I put into these exams. However, you can't predict anything and I know how gutted I will be if I don't get the results I hope for on Thursday. And quite frankly, it's really bloody scary.

What doesn't help is that UCAS Track doesn't open until 8am, and school opens at 8am for results. Crisis. What do I do first? Seen if I've been accepted or see what actual grades I got? Considering my main priority is getting into my first choice, I guess I'll check Track first, but it would help if it opened earlier so everything ran smoothly, damn you UCAS. I know that a sleepless and fidgety night is inevitable as there will only be one thing going through my mind. If all is well and I find out that I have in fact been accepted by NTU, everything will slide into place and I can then properly prepare for uni and the fun times ahead. I do not doubt that this is the main concern on every former A-Level students' mind, and hopefully we will all get the outcome we wish for. Fingers crossed...unless I get cramp.

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