Teddy Bears Turn Into Mobile Phones

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

There is so much speculation as to whether the younger generation are growing up too fast...are they? Gone are the days when children, yes children, played with dolls and ran around in the park. It seems that iPads and technology are slowly but surely brainwashing the children of today and gradually taking over. It's apparent that it is far too easy to lose sight of reality and become sucked into the world of technology and gadgets.

Admittedly, it isn't just children who are becoming obsessed - teenagers, young adults and even the older generation have become fascinated with the new face of technology. I have seen at least 7 pensioners with an iPhone instead of a bus pass. But, should it be the parents who implement boundaries and stop their children from indulging in these gadgets, or do we as a society project a view that children enjoying and having gadgets is morally 'wrong', it is definitely a matter of personal opinion.

It's not just phones and laptops though, young children seem to look, and act older by the year. When I was in year 7 I looked like a year 7, not a year 9 which is certainly worrying. I saw a young girl the other day, no older than 11, with a full face of make up, 2 inch heels and a handbag hanging off her arm - wag style. I mean, I'm certain that I wasn't the only person to question her parents morals for allowing her to go out like that. This teamed with all the gadgets and technology provides an enormous amount of clarity that children are indeed growing up too fast.

Children should be weaned off books and board games and slowly introduced to technology so they learn to appreciate it, not expect it. Their parents should encourage them to worship their childhood and the freedom that comes hand in hand with it. Because some day, for everyone, the world becomes a much bigger and uglier place. I for one wouldn't want to deprive a child of technology and gadgets when the majority of children indulge in it, but phones, iPads and iPods should be seen as a source of fun and entertainment, not a necessity.

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