Role Reversal

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Picture this. A tiny bundle of joy being welcomed into the world, dressed in a small and cosy cotton baby grow to ensure optimum warmth, comfort and cuteness. Now picture this - a spotty teenager dressed in an oversized baby grow with a sloth-like resemblance sitting in a stuffy room for 12 hours a day, not so cute huh? As unpleasant as the latter may sound, I for one had wanted a onesie since they came on the market. Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term 'onesie' so let me explain. A onesie is a glorified word for a giant baby grow to put it bluntly. As obscure as it may be to picture a grown man or an 18 year old girl in one, they are very inviting.

After months of trying to find a onesie that was both aesthetically pleasing, and not overpriced, because at the end of the day, I'm not willing to pay £40 for what in fact is a giant baby grow. I finally found one for £15 with a cute stripy pattern so decided to treat myself. So, I got home, put on my onesie, OH - hello new world of glorious comfort!! I felt like I was wrapped in a giant blanket. I know it's only cotton, but it was ridiculously soft on my skin, and the tight sleeves and ankles ensured that I didn't experience the annoyance of your ankles getting cold when your pj leg rose up. Mmmmm!

I genuinely thought that I might attempt and wear it forever, but then realised I would probably have to wash it, and shower, which meant taking it off. Boo :( But honestly, it's so comfy to just chill in and laze about in. I will definitely take it to Uni and I will definitely reap the benefits of being able to live the life of a baby in my oversized baby grow! As silly as it may make me look, I choose comfort over style every time when it comes to my onesie. Who said we have to grow up?

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