We Have Mouths For Smiling And Eyes For Crying

Sunday, 1 July 2012

It's astonishing how difficult it is to control our emotions. Emotions are inevitable, and even though some individuals consider themselves not to be emotional people, we all undoubtedly experience a range of different emotions on a daily basis which we seemingly cannot control. It's almost as if they are a shadow of power that generates a cloud of constant control over us.

Some people cry at the likes of Channel 4 documentaries, yet others only shed a tear at something personal or serious. But, what factor determines what emotionally affects the individual? It can't be put down solely to genetics or personality. Do we as an individual instill in ourselves what deserves a smile or a tear, or are we completely unable to control the emotions we experience?

I think I speak on a lot of people's behalf when I say that we've all woken up one morning and felt deflated or unenthusiastic for no apparent reason. On the flip side, we've all felt upbeat and overly happy with no real explanation for this. Emotions are unpredictable and although common sense explains that good life experiences make us happy and vice versa, some people are capable of remaining optimistic and joyful when life isn't being so kind.

Most of us have experienced the stinging sensation in our eyes and the trembling tone of our voice when we feel that sadness is overpowering our equilibrium. It's hard at that specific moment to remain composed and contain your emotions. Likewise, we smile subconsciously as it is a natural thing to do, our mind impulsively sends signals to the appropriate part of the body which triggers the smile.

Ultimately, there will never be a definitive way of being completely in control of our emotions. I guess people who suffer with depression receive help by taking tablets which attempt to ease sadness and anxiety and increase positivity and joy. However, it isn't natural chemicals in the body to cause this, it's medical supplements.

Despite the unpredictability and inconsistency of emotions, whether it be smiles, laughs, anger or tears - emotions are universally recognised despite race, culture, language or religion, which is something significant. We will all face our fair share of emotions but it's the people around us and the decisions we consciously make which can determine what we take from our emotions and how we choose to react to them. But remember, smiling is free, infectious and invaluable.

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