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Monday, 9 July 2012

Cake seems to be unavoidable. Whether it's birthday cake, christmas cake, wedding cake, or Nan's famous banana cake, cake is everywhere. I have an incredibly sweet tooth and the prospect of a light shortbread or a moist chocolate brownie is unavoidably mouth watering. But when it comes to cake, not so much! I don't know whether it's the years of the typical shop bought caterpillar cake having taken its toll on me, or the constant bland and dry nature of it having been exposed to air for a day or so. I am just not keen.

So at the beginning of January with my 18th birthday in the horizon, I shrugged at my mum asking me the annual 'what cake would you like' question, because quite frankly, a soggy mediocre cake wasn't going to make my 18th all I had ever dreamed of. I would rather my parents save their money. However, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home from school on the afternoon of my birthday, to an array of dainty cupcakes perfectly presented on a delicate silver stand.

By all means they looked amazing, decorated with intricate hand piping and carefully arranged crushed oreo's, but taking into account my previous relationship with cake, I wasn't expecting anything magical. This is where I stood mistaken. The light and fluffy particles effortlessly melted in my mouth, not to mention the intense flavours having made a statement on my taste buds. Long gone were the days when cake was ordinary. 

I had the pleasure of tasting chocolate cupcakes with a melted rolo inside, topped with vanilla butter cream, smarties and chocolate buttons, cookies and cream cupcakes coated with vanilla butter cream and crushed oreo's, and coffee cupcakes with coffee butter cream accompanied with a walnut on top. The flavours were so powerful and the cupcakes so asthetically pleasing that I think I rekindled my lost love with cake. More to the point, I was intrigued when I found out that they were from a new small independent cupcake shop in the old town called Make me a Cakey.

It's true what they say, you always want to go back for more, which is exactly what I did. I was curious to know whether it was a blip that their cupcakes were so tasty while they were gaining a customer base, but even when their business picked up and they were making hundreds more cakes, they didn't disappoint. I made an order for 7 cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday in June and these were just as delectable as the previous ones. Not only this, but my parents also had my sister's 21st birthday cake made there which also went down a treat.

The whole cake thing prompted me to start baking again as it was something I used to enjoy and do regularly but finding time to fit it in got the better of me. Make me a Cakey is located in Hemel Hempstead old town and provides an extensive range of baking utensils and accessories from sugarpaste, flour and icing sugar in bulk, to glitters and edible cupcake cases for you to indulge in at home. You would think from my positive review that something so brilliant would be unaffordable, however I am pleased to say that the prices are extremely reasonable which makes it all the more lovable.

Of course, when consuming something such as a cake, it's not only the taste which you have to take into consideration, it's the presentation and the micro details which ultimately produce a macro effect. Some of their designs and decorations are so elaborate and complex that it's unbelievable how they produce such flawless results each and every time. I don't doubt for a second that a mass of hard work goes into it, but they should be proud of themselves for achieving and creating something appreciated and admired by many.

Word of mouth has proven to be a big advantage for Make me a Cakey as they have gained both a regular client base as well as new customers eager to try their delicious products after being recommended by friends and family. Their creativity and open mind allows customers to request all kinds of obscure and detailed designs that the team are always happy to experiment with. I commend them on their determination, ambition and drive to produce a successful business, and I think it's their genuine and friendly manner that wins customers over as well as their cake. I definitely want them to 'Make me a Cakey' again!

I will provide links for their Facebook page and their website.

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