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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The jingle for Mazuma Mobile is undoubtedly catchy and slightly irritating however I do have to commend the website in itself for its efficiency and genuine nature. I decided to follow in the footsteps of the increasing number of smartphone users by ditching my Blackberry for an ever so desirable iPhone, which by the way, is so beautiful I want to frame it.

So, with the blossoming relationship between my iPhone and my hand, my neglected little Blackberry needed a new home. I thought about advertising it on Facebook but decided against this as I guessed people would want it for the price of chips due to its general wear and tear and second hand label. Cue Mazuma Mobile advert.

After seeing the advert on TV I went onto the website and entered my phone details to be given a quote of £89 bank transfer, impressive for a handset I'd had 2 years with a partially working speaker, right? I did kind of get the impression that it seemed too good be true, but worth a try.

To cut the long story short I applied for the free post envelope which arrived within a swift 2 days, and posted it on the Thursday at 1pm. I continued with my day to day routine on the Friday and was surprised to see an email from Mazuma saying that my handset had been approved and the money would be in my account by midnight. Despite this, I was willing to give some leeway to the money being transferred due to the quick service but NO, an hour later I was £89 richer.

It's unusual in this day and age to receive efficient, prompt and reliable service but Mazuma delightfully proved me wrong which I can gladly say put a smile on my face. Paying £6.35 for special signed for delivery certainly worked in my favour. Well done Mazuma, you've earned my recommendation.

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