Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It is a universally known fact that ageing is inevitable. Regardless of how health conscious you are, how often you apply anti wrinkle cream or how many sudokus' you complete in order to try and keep your brain active, me, you and the person sitting next to you on the bus tomorrow are all eventually going to age. We can't avoid it and we most certainly can't change it.

I see two types of old people. Those who moan about the aches and pains and stay indoors on rainy days watching Dickinsons' real deal on repeat, and those who fully embrace it and continue to live their lives with such grace and spirit. I don't know about you but I definitely prefer the latter.

Like anyone, the thought of ever watching 'Gone with the wind' for entertainment and having to convert to cashmere jumpers and 100 denier tights is a little daunting, but that's an option, not compulsory and I fully intend to rebel against the stereotype of an 'elderly person' when the time comes.

Some elderly people are so grouchy they can barely crack a smile, don't get me wrong they may have valid reasons for this but surely smiling is better than frowning, do they really want to gain ANOTHER wrinkle? I think not. On the other hand, some old people are so cute it makes me feel all happy inside.

I was in town the other day and this old man just stood there for a good solid minute and held the door open for people passing by, literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen. But you know what? The majority of people didn't even pay him an ounce of recognition or have the manners to thank him which I think is pretty disgusting. No wonder people think our generation are rude when a large chunk of people are characterised by ignorance. Having said that, you're probably reading this wondering how I responded but don't worry, I made a conscious effort to thank him and smile.

Another thing which fascinates me is the sight of an elderly couple infatuated and still completely in love with one another, it's enough to make even the coldest of people manage half a smile. It's lovely because if they don't have the ability to be active and enjoy life to the full due to medical conditions or what not, they still have each other.

When taking everything into consideration, one of the scariest things for me about growing old, isn't the wrinkles or the weak bladder. Even though having to wear nappies may be slightly embarrassing, my biggest fear is growing old alone. So no, ageing isn't on the top of my wish list by any means, but as long as I am happy and loved then I will have adhered to my wishes. I guess I desire my own Notebook ending.

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