The Final Countdown

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I remember when I had three months until exams started, but guess what? I now have three days until they end...yes, end, finish, over, DONE. I've waited for this moment for months on end and I would probably need about 20 pairs of hands to count the amount of times I've said I can't wait for school to finish. It's weird that it's really motivating me to revise just so they will be over that bit quicker.

However, after Wednesdays' exam is over, the next section of my future lies in the hands of a few examiners and I face the agonising wait to find out whether I've been accepted into my first choice university or not. Come on nice. I don't think it will require much imagination to think of things to fill up my time with until then. I can safely say I will not miss early morning alarms, attempting to find something smart to wear, and lugging 3 different folders to school. Is that a hint of freedom I smell?

In regards to uni, I am very organised and might I say over prepared and it's only June, I don't know whether this is a bad thing or not. I have pretty much all my kitchen utensils, most of which will probably either get lost, broken or remain untouched, I mean who really needs spaghetti tongs? I'm pretty sure I'll be living off toast and pizza anyway. But...if one day I do decide to make spaghetti, I can remain calm at the thought of having my spaghetti tongs safely stored in my kitchen draw. Phew.

So, the countdown to the end of exams has literally flashed before my eyes, as cliché as it may sound, it really has. They say school days are the best days of your life but I've got a funny feeling when I'm at uni, I won't miss school in the slightest. Moving out, meeting new people and starting to study for a degree seems much more appealing.

Au revoir school, I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

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