Alton Towers

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Because i certainly do. A month or so ago I saw Martin Lewis on Daybreak (which I watch religiously by the way), talking about getting your hands on free tickets for Alton Towers. Initially, it seemed unlikely, but as I watched on it became clear that it wasn't an 'if you spend £30 in Tesco' kind of thing.

All you had to do was collect 4 tokens from The Times newspaper over a certain weekend and choose 4 preference date brackets. Of course you had to buy the papers and 2 stamps for the send and return envelopes, but this only reduced my bank balance by a maximum of £5.

The only element that posed as a potential problem was the whole date bracket thing. Once you'd chosen your top 4, The Times allocate you tickets for a specific date. This was a concern as if they sent me tickets around my exams or when I was on holiday, that was 2 free tickets down the drain. However, my luck was in as they gave me 2 tickets for 25th June, exams over, holiday in the horizon. Cool, let's do this.

To add to the bargain aspect of the whole day trip, when my boyfriend and I were just about to queue up for Oblivion, two girls offered us fastrack tickets that they had spare, result. It was very amusing walking past all the thrill seekers in the normal queue knowing our hour wait had been reduced to about 5 minutes. Thanks strangers.

I'm a theme park lover and definitely a big kid at heart. But, I do feel I need to venture to Florida and experience the thrill of a large scale theme park. It's on my list of things to do for sure.

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