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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I am momentarily taking a break from English Literature revision. This gives me the perfect opportunity to vent my anger regarding the syllabus and specification that I am expected to know like the alphabet for my exam tomorrow. I am undoubtedly stressing out big time with 22 hours left until I enter that exam room, with sweaty palms and 6 black biro's as a precaution to a lack of ink in my selected pen.

One of the hardest things about A-Levels is learning how to juggle three subjects in terms of classwork, coursework and revision. You get an advantage if some of them interlink nicely providing you with a firm basis of knowledge, however, studying English Literature, Media Studies and Geography, doesn't present me with a common ground between plate margins, mass media and William Wordsworth. I love how I name dropped him with the intent of sounding intellectual when the only thing I know about him is to how to spell his name. Not very promising the day before the exam.

Back to the spec. Not only do I have to cover the 4 AO's ranging from subject matter, form, structure and language to context and wider reading, I also have to know the historical timeline throughout English Literature from Chaucer in 1500 to post modern texts. Oh and not only that, I need to know this for a range of poetry, drama and prose. Taking this into consideration, you would have thought AQA would have provided us with set texts and in return expect coherent and well structured responses in the exam. But no, we complete all this endless revision to be given 4 unseen extracts which I have no hope in hell of decoding and can guarantee that my response will be unstructured and weak.

Don't get me wrong, I do find it fascinating how English Literature has progressed throughout time periods and how it has produced equality, liberation and freedom within literature. But in my defence it holds a high level of difficulty considering its incredibly factual background, in which you can not afford to make mistakes. In all honestly the more I moan the less I will get done and I am determined to gradually instill this information into my brain, only to erase it all come 11am tomorrow when I am exam, stress and school free. I just hope this last minute cramming session pays off and my exam won't be a complete flop. Happiness will be inevitable when waving goodbye to AQA English Literature forever.

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