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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sudocrem, you all must have heard of it? The white stuff in the little red and grey pot mainly associated with babies bottoms, not the best selling point, but it's certainly sent me into a frenzy of excitement. I swear by this stuff... Let me explain.

I use Google like it's my mum, I constantly ask it questions and know it will give me answers. It is so so handy when you don't know something because it's so effortless, which admittedly is very lazy but also very convenient. I'm not generally a spotty person but like all girls I get spots occasionally and it's the most irritating thing when they coincidentally decide to pop up at the most inappropriate time. Instead of using my common sense and allowing it to heal on it's own, I think we're all guilty of touching it in wishful thinking of it disappearing. But let's face it, we know that's not going to happen.

On one particular occasion when one invaded my face, I asked my mum (Google) how to get rid of them and after a fair bit of browsing I came across a thread talking about Sudocrem. I had a little read and it stated that if you put a small blob of Sudocrem on the spot, then by the next morning the redness should reduce and if you're lucky, it will go down in size AND BY JESUS IT WORKS.

Every Google user is naive when it comes to advice as there are so many 'myths' around, so I decided to try it out. Obviously the spot didn't disappear like magic, however the redness definitely died down and the spot didn't get any bigger, if anything, it looked less noticeable which is always good. If you're staying in for a lazy day then I'd recommend putting a small blob on every few hours for the best effect, obviously not such a good idea if you're going out unless you want to look as if you have a severe case of pigmentation. What also works is putting a small amount on before bed, but not too much as it might wipe off onto your pillowcase, ew.

For something cheap that lasts a really long time Sudocrem is a godsend! It dries the spots out allowing make-up to go over them so much more easily, perfect. Sudocrem gets my full support, f you Clearasil.

P.s. - if you don't know what to look out for on the shelf then this should help you out

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