Is The Only Way Really Essex?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

If I'm not watching it on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, I'm catching up on ITV player and if I'm not doing either then I can always rely on a constant live update on my Twitter stream and Facebook news feed to keep me updated on the horrifying revelation of Gemma thinking she's a seductive temptress or Diags trying to cure his latest outburst of acne.

It's a tricky decision when trying to depict whether I enjoy watching it for its soaring cringe value or whether I actually find it genuinely entertaining. Nonetheless, it is frustratingly addictive. I think the fact that it is so easy to watch and it doesn't require the most intellectual part of my brain to work is the perfect excuse.

What I do find amusing is the amount of awkward silences there are. I mean they're obviously generated by the producers as nobody sane is a fan of them but there's such an emphasis on the supposed 'reality' aspect of the show that it's just a little bit embarrassing.

How did a group of average Joe's manage to land themselves a place in the show to be given a stupid amount of money to go to the Sugar Hut every week and have the occasional vajazzle? But let me say this, I just hope they don't do another Christmas single any time soon.

Whether it's the uncanny resemblance between Carol and Sam, a one liner from Joey Essex which associates his intelligence with that of a child or Little Chris asking Frankie whether she'd like to go on a date to go and feed the ducks, it's mere simplicity will keep me tuned in to ITV2 every week.

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